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San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) Rule 3110 develops fees to recover cost for implementing CARB's AB 2588 Hot Spots program. The district proposes to add an intermediate risk facility, which are facilities between low and high risk. SJVAPCD proposes to reduce the annual cost due to streamlining and efficiency gains by the District. The proposed fee changes are presented below.

If approved by the Board on August 17, 2017, facilities should see a reduced cost for SJVAPCD's fee for the cost of implementing the CARB's AB 2588 Hot Spots program. The inclusion of the intermediate risk facilities would be a new category that may affect facilities that were between low and high risk.

Please contact Tony Phan in our Bakersfield office at (661) 282-2200, or your local Trinity office.

Facility StatusSimple (Previous)Simple (Proposed)Medium (Previous)Medium (Proposed)Complex (Previous)Complex (Proposed)
Industrywide Survey$110$99$110$99$110$99
Small Single Source--$99--$99--$99
Small businesses$384$300$384$300$384$300
High Priority$1,348$1,213$3,729$3,356$6,837$6,153
Intermediate Risk--$100--$200--$400
High Risk$3,729$3,356$5,521$4,969$8,912$8,021