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The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) will be holding its third working group meeting on May 26, 2016 to discuss and evaluate the proposed amendments to Rule 1402, Control of Toxic Air Contaminants from Existing Sources.  The updates are in response to the implementation of the revised Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) guidelines under Assembly Bill 2588 (AB 2588), which has shown to increase cancer risk by a factor of three.  Existing facility risk is evaluated using AERMOD dispersion model and HARP 2 (Hotspots Analysis and Reporting Program).  It is expected that current facilities may be subject to AB 2588 with the revised guidelines and may be expected to perform a health risk dispersion model analysis.  Existing facilities already subject to AB 2588 may be required to reduce toxic risks and rerun a health risk assessment (HRA).  The proposed Rule 1402 amendments allow for an alternative compliance schedule.

A Voluntary Early Risk Reduction (VRR) Program is proposed to be added as an alternative to the standard risk reduction schedule.  To be eligible for the VRR, a facility must have a previously approved HRA and have an expected health risk using the revised OEHHA guidelines below significant risk levels.  The VRR Program will allow facilities to achieve risk reductions earlier than the standard pathway, reduce resources, and time spent on air toxic inventory reports (ATIR), HRA, mailings, and meetings.

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