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The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has released the Draft Staff Report for Proposed Amended Rule 1147 – NOx reductions from Miscellaneous Sources. This rule amendment provides relief by extending compliance dates and providing flexibility to regulated operations with low emitting units. The intent is to facilitate compliance with the rule and reduce facility costs. Although this proposed rule amendment will delay emissions reduction, it will achieve most of the nitrogen oxide (NOx) reductions outlined in the current SIP.

Rule 1147 was initially adopted in 2008 as an important part of the federal PM2.5 ambient air quality standards attainment strategy. It established NOx reductions for non-RECLAIM ovens, dryers and furnaces and facility updates as part of the 2007 Air Quality Management Plan. The proposed rule also includes updated test methods and alternative compliance options for testing. Rule exemptions have been clarified and updated to include certain units with less than one pound per day of emissions.

For more information regarding compliance with the proposed rule changes, please contact our Irvine office at (949) 567-9880 or visit the District's website.