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The Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District (the District) released an advisory on October 31, 2017 about the updates made to the Comprehensive Emission Inventory (CEI) Program, which will be effective January 1, 2018 for emission year 2017. The deadlines for submitting the emissions data to the District have changed. The updated deadlines are as follows:

 Document Type Due Date
 Update Survey - UDS January 15, 2018
 Inventory Plan - CEIP January 31, 2018
 Inventory Report - CEIR February 28, 2018
 District Inventory to CARB June 1, 2018

Due to updates made to the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) guidelines and methodology by Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment's (OEHHA), the reported emissions may translate to higher priority scores for some facilities. The District may require submittal of a subsequent HRA, in addition to the CEI for the high priority facilities with higher risk estimates.

Additionally, facilities are now required to report condensable PM2.5 emissions in addition to the filterable particulate emissions per the Fine Particulate Matter National Ambient Air Quality Standards: State Implementation Plan Requirement of 2016 under the Air Emission Reporting Rule (AERR).

The District also revised its guidelines for preparing and submitting a Comprehensive Emission Inventory Plan (CEIP) and Comprehensive Emission Inventory Report (CEIR) in October 2017. The CEIR should be submitted in a format that is compatible and can be "imported" into the HARP2 computer program. For facilities with more than five permitted units, the CEIR submission must be submitted electronically in HARP2 format.

For more information regarding these updates or assistance with preparing CEIP and CEIR, please contact our office at (949) 567-9880 or click here.