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The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (VCAPCD) advisory committee met on March 24, 2015 to discuss draft revisions to Rule 71, Crude Oil and Reactive Organic Compound Liquids; Rule 71.1, Crude Oil Production and Separation; and Rule 71.3, Transfer of Reactive Organic Compound Liquids. These rules apply to facilities that process, produce, transfer, store or separate petroleum materials and organic liquids.

Rule 71.1 requires crude oil storage tanks and wastewater separators to reduce vapor emissions using control devices. The rule currently exempts tanks for which vapor recovery is not economically feasible. Due to recent public concern, the draft revisions would eliminate this exemption for storage tanks within 300 feet of a sensitive receptor. Rule 71.3 similarly requires crude oil loading facilities above a specific throughput to use vapor recovery systems. Facilities below the throughput limit are currently exempt from installing recovery systems. Revisions to Rule 71.3 would eliminate the potential low throughput exemption for loading facilities within 300 feet of a sensitive receptor. Rule 71 will also be revised to include a new definition for “sensitive receptor” based closely on the SCAQMD Rule 1148.2 definition.

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