The latest version of the Regulation 7 Condensate Tank Reporting Spreadsheets are now available on the CDPHE APCD Website.

The condensate tank reporting spreadsheet is for reporting tanks that are subject to the system-wide control strategy requirements (>2 tpy VOC) as specified in CDPHE's Regulation 7, Section XII. This report is to be submitted semi-annually by April 30th (covering the preceding calendar year) and November 30th (covering the preceding ozone season). The Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) develops a unique spreadsheet template each year. The structure of this reporting spreadsheet must be maintained and instructions provided in the "Instructions" tab must be followed.

The main change from the 2018 template is that a new column has been added in the "Production" tab for an alternate control efficiency (Column E). This column is for selecting a control efficiency higher than the default of 95%. Oil & Gas sources subject to Regulation 7 and condensate tank reporting should review the spreadsheet and processes to ensure an accurate submittal.

For additional information or assistance with Regulation 7 reporting requirements, please contact Hari Krishna Bharadwaj at (720) 638-7647 ext. 116.