Noise and odor complaints are increasing in the Front Range. The Denver Post recently reported that noise complaints in the vicinity of some production wells have increased by threefold over the last few years. The Post article provides a link to a recently published study that indicates production facilities using noise mitigation strategies are meeting industrial permissible noise levels, but as residential and commercial infill brings wells and people into closer proximity, noise complaints can be expected to increase.

The Town of Erie recently passed an odor ordinance that can trigger enforcement action if two or more odor complaints are made. This is more stringent than Colorado's odor regulation that is based on quantified odor levels measured by qualified odor assessors. Why does this matter? An industrial facility in Weld County was adversely affected when odor complaints began to pile up despite only one potential violation of the more stringent Colorado standard.

Trinity's Denver office can provides monitoring services for both odor and noise. Contact us at (720) 638-7647 or by email to see how we can help you develop a facility odor and noise profile to assess your risks in these areas.