Owners or operators of glycol natural gas dehydrators in operating in Colorado's Ozone non-attainment area are required to submit semi-annual reports pursuant to Regulation 7, Section XII.H.6. The first semi-annual report is due to the Division on or before November 30, 2017. This report should contain data for the preceding ozone season (May 1st 2017 through September 30th 2017). The division has released a spreadsheet template which can be used to meet these requirements, which can be found in the semi-annual report for glycol dehydrators.

The Division has also released a memo, PS 17-02, which provides relevant definitions and clarifications on the reporting period.

This semi-annual report should be electronically via email to cdphe_reg7dehy_reports@state.co.us.

For assistance with this semi-annual reporting, contact Hari Krishna Bharadwaj in the Denver office by calling (720) 638-7647.