The Illinois House Bill (HB) 2036, which is related to Environmental Permit Streamlining, was approved by Governor Pat Quinn on August 9, 2013. This bill is now in IL Compiled Statutes (415 ILCS 5/7.6). This legislation will strengthen the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's (IEPA's) permitting program by increasing the transparency of the permitting process. This legislation becomes effective January 1, 2014.
The HB 2036 enhances the IEPA's already existing streamlining efforts by adding a comprehensive set of information to be made available to the public. This information includes descriptions of each permit, who must obtain permits, and the process of obtaining a permit. Also, no later February 1st of each year, starting in February 2014, a report containing the following information for the previous calendar year with respect to each permit type will be published electronically:
• The number of permit applications received by the agency;
• The number of permits issued by the agency;
• The average number of days from the date the agency receives all information necessary for the issuance of a permit until the date the agency issues the permit.