35 IAC 218.187 regulates cleaning operations that use organic materials.  Regulated cleaning operations include the process of cleaning products, product components, tools, equipment, or general work areas during production, repair, maintenance, or servicing, including but not limited to spray gun cleaning, spray booth cleaning, large and small manufactured components cleaning, parts cleaning, equipment cleaning, line cleaning, floor cleaning, and tank cleaning, at sources with emission units. 

Substantial requirements may apply under this regulation to sources that emit 15 lb/day or more of VOM from cleaning operations.  Sources emitting less than 15/lb day VOM and sources in certain categories specified in 35 IAC 218.187(a)(2) (e.g., cold cleaning parts washers, janitorial cleaning, etc.) are exempt from the control, monitoring and testing requirements of this regulation; however, all cleaning operations (including those otherwise exempt) are applicable to the recordkeeping and reporting requirements under 35 IAC 218.187(e).  These requirements include a certification that must be submitted to IEPA by existing sources by April 1, 2011.  This deadline applies both to sources subject to control requirements under this regulation and those exempt.