A new statute and a new regulation affecting storage piles and other aspects of bulk material storage and handling are currently under consideration by, respectively, the City of Chicago and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). They could have a profound effect on facilities that store and handle dry materials. Virtually every type of storage pile within the boundaries of the city would be covered by the proposed Chicago ordinance, while the proposed Illinois rule would cover only coal and coke storage piles. The proposals are quite extensive and would have a significant effect on the way that affected facilities operate. Among the proposed new requirements are the following:

  • Mandatory speed limits for trucks operating on-site
  • A 30 foot height limit for storage piles
  • Installation of wind break structures
  • Installation of particulate monitoring devices
  • Enclosure of truck loading operations

The above represent just a small sampling of the details contained in each proposal. It is expected that both the Chicago ordinance and the state rule will proceed on "fast tracks" toward official adoption. Accordingly, potentially affected operators of storage piles are encouraged to become familiar with the proposals as soon as possible, while there is still an opportunity to comment on them.