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The Illinois Pollution Control Board (IPCB) has finalized the revised amendments published on October 1, 2015 to the following rules that will significantly reduce the emissions of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants as follows:

  • 35 IAC Part 214 - Sulfur Limitations;
  • 35 IAC Part 217 - Nitrogen Oxides Emissions; and
  • 35 IAC Part 225 - Control of Emissions from Large Combustion Sources.

The intent behind the proposed revisions is to bring the Illinois State Implementation Plan (SIP) in compliance with the requirements of the Clean Air Act (CAA) and also to make Illinois current with the federal National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for SO2. Significant SO2 emission reductions are expected in two areas of Illinois that are not in attainment with the current 2010 SO2 NAAQS:

  • Lemont (Cook and Will Counties); and
  • Pekin (Tazewell and Peoria Counties).

The rules propose that specifically named facilities reduce SO2 emissions by ceasing coal combustion operations of specified emission units. In addition to these proposals, the rules propose a reduction of pollutant emissions from ethanol production facilities, other industrial facilities and also seek to impose strict limits on the sulfur content of liquid fuels used by stationary facilities throughout the State of Illinois. The proposed amended rules have undergone an extended public comment period. A detailed review including modeling exercises and three (3) public hearings were held. More information on this rulemaking can be found at the IPCB website.

These rules are up for consideration to be addressed at the next Joint Committee of Administrative Rules (JCAR) scheduled meeting on November 17, 2015. This would be the second JCAR notice period for the rulemakings. They are expected to be finalized after approval from the JCAR and later published in the Illinois Register.