The City of Chicago and Cook County have each introduced ordinances which will impact fees for permitting and compliance.  The City of Chicago has proposed a new fee structure for obtaining air permits for industrial process equipment as well as increasing fines for air pollution violations.  Cook County has proposed the following changes:

  • Requiring a Cook County Department of Environmental Control permit fee specific to the annual tons of emissions emitted from the site on a 25 tons per year increment as well as an annual fee based on the same increment.
  • Doubling the permit fee as a means of enforcement for sites which fail to obtain permits on time.
  • Notifying Permitee if fee is not paid within 90 days.  Revoking permits if sites fail to pay fees within 60 days following notification.
  • Requiring a "Regulated Air Pollutant Emission Reduction Plan" describing efforts to reduce emissions by 10% for sites emitting 100+ tons per year of pollutants.
  • Reducing the following year's permit fee by 10% for those sites which reduce their emissions by 10% or more.
  • Submitting an AER to the department within one month of submitting the document to the IEPA along with submitting quarterly reports detailing the pollution emission levels.