Executive Order 2016-13 (EO 2016-13) was signed and issued by Gov. Bruce Rauner on October 17, 2016. EO 2016-13 was issued for the following purposes:

  • To cut and ease burden of existing administrative rules and policies, "Cutting the Red Tape;" and
  • Establish an Illinois Competitiveness Council (ICC).

EO 2016-13 calls for several Illinois state agencies to perform a detailed review of the existing regulations to determine if they are outdated, repetitive, confusing, unnecessary, or harmful, and a hindrance to the economy of the State of Illinois. The ICC has been established to oversee the review process associated with this effort. The ICC is comprised of one representative from each of the 42 state agencies, boards, and commissions. The agencies were provided with a set of guidelines to lead this review effort.

The ICC seeks public input to ensure transparency. An online portal has been created to solicit public comments. The public and businesses can provide their feedback by filling out a simple form on the online portal. More information on this EO 2016-13 and the red tape initiative can be found in the new Cut the Red Tape website created to support this effort.