The Permit Streamlining Law enacted in July 2011 included  a new Section of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act that authorized the Illinois Pollution Control Board to adopt rules for permits by classes of facilities or equipment, as long as they were consistent with federal and state laws and regulations. It also required the Illinois EPA to consult with the regulated community and within one year identify types of permits for which permits by rule would be appropriate. Over the last year, the Bureau of Air permit staff met with the Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group to identify types of activities that could be covered under a permit by rule provision. The following categories have been identified and are in development:

  1. Certain "Open Burning" activities, focusing on small ecological burns and facility fire training
  2. Construction Permits at major CAAPP sources - Initial classes of sources to be considered for Permit by Rule include:
  • Certain boilers and heaters using natural gas or refinery gas
  • Certain Internal Combustion Engines
  • Replacement of identical reactor components
  • Central vacuum systems at manufacturing plants
  • Natural gas fired stress relief furnaces
  • Electric powered stress relief furnaces
  • Adding "propane" as a fuel for certain boilers
  • Fuel storage "on-site" for dispensing

The entire status report can be found on the Illinois EPA website.