See the latest EHS federal and state regulatory updates due to COVID-19

IDNR is in the final stages of updating the construction permitting forms. IDNR is receiving initial feedback from an ABI workgroup, and intends on issuing the draft construction forms for public comment by the end of May. The forms are being updated to provide clearer instruction on the information required, including additional clarity and guidance on determining when modeling is required. The IDNR intends to maintain a modeling database that documents the latest modeling results for each facility, so that all IDNR staff have access to this information and can readily provide the information to facilities for assistance with completing Form MD. The database will also include information about nearby facilities whose models include your facility's emission sources. IDNR expects to finalize the permitting forms by the end of June, and anticipates hosting training events this summer on completing the new forms.

IDNR is modifying the Title V permitting process to allow usage of the associated construction permit application to complete minor Title V modifications. IDNR expects this option to be available by this Fall. The construction permit application cannot be used to complete Title V renewal applications or major Title V modifications. This option will not be available in SPARS, which the IDNR is currently looking to replace.

IDNR is working with ethanol plants to rescind or sustain their Title V permits due to the GHG court case that determined that facilities cannot be classified as Title V sources based solely on GHG emissions alone. Some of the ethanol plants had previously removed minor source limits and are now in the process of obtaining new construction permits to reinforce these limits to obtain a minor source status.