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IDNR held an Air Quality Client Contact Meeting on May 22. Highlights include:

  • IDNR submitted a revised PM2.5 2012 NAAQS proposed designation to USEPA in April. Based on the 2013 data, IDNR is proposing attainment or unclassifiable for the entire state of Iowa. IDNR expects to hear back from USEPA in August with the USEPA proposed designations.
  • IDNR is nearing completion of transition of existing Voluntary Operating Permits into construction permits or Title V permits. Agency is on schedule to rescind the Voluntary Operating Permit and Conditional Permit regulations by December 2014.
  • IDNR has a new streamlined construction permitting approach for identical units. Known as the "Group of Identical Permits", IDNR can use one document to include numerous permitted units that are identical in nature. Identical units must be same make, model, stack characteristics, be subject to same regulations and compliance requirements. Each emission point will still get a permit number assigned, but the document will list the requirements and a table of all the permits included in the single document. Using this approach, the agency was recently able to issue 15 documents for over 200 permitted emission points, grouping them based on the identical nature.
  • IDNR is working on proposed updates to the construction permit forms and expects to seek public input later this year.
  • IDNR will likely submit comments to USEPA on the SO2 NAAQS Designation approach (comments due in July).