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The following is a summary of several the items disussed during the February 23, 2012 IDNR Client Contact Meeting:

  • IDNR is expecting to keep Title V fees at $56/ton.
  • IDNR is reviewing current emission standards and exemption thresholds in light of the more recent NOx, SO2, and Pb NAAQS. Changes may be proposed if the agency feels the current emission standards or exemption thresholds are no longer protective of the new NAAQS.
  • The public hearing scheduled for April 23 for the new compliance and enforcement chapter (see article below) will have the opportunity for participation via conference call.
  • IDNR is changing Title V permit priority to move more recent submittals up in the queue. Applicants with older submittals will likely receive a request from IDNR to update the submitted application prior to IDNR processing it.
  • IDNR is also expecting to make some changes to the Part 2 Title V forms based on input from industry.