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 IDNR held an Air Quality Client Contact meeting on Thursday, May 23. Highlights from the meeting include:

  • IDNR has proposed changes to the permitting exemptions and Title V insignificant activities thresholds are available for formal public comment through July 15. Note that IDNR has removed the 1-hour NOX and SO2 changes from the proposals at the request of the Commission (i.e., no proposed lb/hr small unit exemption thresholds for NOX and SO2) and included a lead limit for the spray booth PBR, changes from earlier proposed versions. Final adoption is expected by October 2013.
  • IDNR will be proposing changes to the modeling guidance and construction permitting Form MD to address questions raised. Guidance is expected to address the background level to use when assessing if facility-wide NAAQS modeling is required per Form MD, 1-hour SO2, intermittent sources, usage of PM2.5 paired sums, and exclusion of PSD projects from usage of the IDNR's rounding guidance.
  • 1-hour SO2 permitting and modeling for minor sources will begin on June 3. 
  • Dave Phelps, Construction Permitting Section Head, is retiring effective June 21. IDNR is interviewing replacements and expects to announce his successor in June.
  • IDNR is investigating programs to replace SPARS and seeking EPA grants for a replacement program.
  • A new construction permit search website will be rolled out in June. The new website will display additional permit information (emission points, issuance dates, project numbers) as well as making searching and sorting of search results easier. The PSD permits page will also be updated.
  • IDNR will be requesting that all engineering stack testing be complete well in advance of compliance stack testing to ensure compliance testing proceeds as scheduled. If not, IDNR may require the facility to reschedule the compliance testing and ensure the proper 30 day notice is met for the rescheduled test.
  • IDNR is proposing to adopt the RICE NESHAP (40 CFR 63). A public hearing is scheduled for June 4. Final adoption is expected in September.
  • IDNR has a number of SIP updates out for public comment, including changes to the nonattainment regulations and the Muscatine PM2.5 SIP Call.
  • IDNR has begun the 5-year rule review required. Phase I of the review will continue through next June and will include readily identified, obvious updates. Phase II will address potential changes requiring more research and stakeholder input.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 22nd at 1:00 pm.

Other IDNR News....IDNR is proposing to review Chapter 133, Remediation, to expand its scope beyond ground water remediation to address other forms of contamination not elsewhere regulated.