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IDNR held an Air Quality Client Contact meeting on August 22.  Highlights from the meeting include:

  • The Commission approved the proposed changes to the permitting exemptions, Title V insignificant activity thresholds, and spray booth permit by rule.  The new rules will become effective October 23, 2013 and will apply to any units that commence modification or construction on or after that date.  
  • The Commission approved adoption of the RICE NEHAP by reference, effective October 23, 2013.
  • IDNR is updating the Chapter 22 Grain Elevator BMPs for grain vacuuming.  EPA has hinted that the Grain Elevator NSPS will be revised this year to address temporary storage and other items.
  • Nonattainment New Source Review (NNSR) rules were brought before the Commission.  A new Chapter 31 will include the new rules to address the Pb and SO2 nonattainment areas.  The existing NNSR rules will also be moved to this chapter.  Public hearing should occur in October.  
  • IDNR is planning to hold stakeholder/public meetings on October 3 in Muscatine to address the SO2 nonattainment area designations.  EPA's designation is effective October 4, 2013.   IDNR is proposing changes to the construction permit template.  Send comments to Sarah Piziali by August 30.  A summary of the proposed changes include: 
    • Updated language and dates based on recent rule revisions.
    • Added rule citations to existing language clarify reason for the requirement.
    • Removed the condition titled "Disposal of Contaminants" (old Condition 7).
    • Added language to Condition 8 concerning the transferring of equipment to a new owner.
    • Added a new condition on permit appeal rights (new Condition 9).
    • Added the pollutants PM2.5 and CO2e to the tables in Conditions 10 and 12.
    • Amended the 1st table in Condition 12 to clarify the stack test requirements.
    • Moved the permit modification history from the cover page to the end of the permit.
    • Updated the list of "terms and acronyms."
    • IDNR's phone numbers will be changing to a 725 exchange in mid-September.  Transition is expected to occur over the weekend of September 14-15.  Look for more information from IDNR on the new numbers.  Old numbers will redirect calls for 6 months after the change.
    • IDNR is engaging groups in discussions on funding.  Current projections show a 40% reduction in budget due to Title V fees is expected to occur within the next few years