See the latest EHS federal and state regulatory updates due to COVID-19

Updated IDNR COVID-19 Enforcement and Compliance Protocol

IDNR has issued an updated compliance and enforcement protocol in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic on April 9, 2020 with the following additions from the previous document:

  • Air Quality no longer requires wet ink signatures on certain applications and extended deadline for construction permit submittals for facilities manufacturing alcohol as an antiseptic in response to COVID-19.
  • Extended deadline for renewal of annual underground storage tank tags.
  • Current wastewater operator certifications are valid through June 2021, and 2020 continuing education requirements are waived for Time of Transfer program.
  • Removed the public water supply consumer confidence report deadline extension, and 2020 continuing education requirements for well drillers, pump installers, and well pluggers are waived.

If you would like to discuss the protocol with us, please reach out to either our Burlington or West Des Moines office.

2020 Reporting Reminders

  1. Minor Source Emission Inventory Questionnaires (MSEIQs) are NOW DUE June 15, 2020 for emission year 2019 for minor source facilities in the central section of Iowa (Field Offices 2 and 5). MSEIQ forms and instructions are available on the IDNR Minor Sources webpage. Alternatively, SLEIS can be used to submit the report.
  2. U.S. EPA's Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reports are due July 1, 2020 for facilities manufacturing, processing, or otherwise using subject chemicals over threshold quantities. Reports must be submitted through U.S. EPA's electronic TRI-MEweb Application.

Office Closures

  • IDNR's main office in downtown Des Moines, IA remains closed to the public. Please check the IDNR Events IDNR Events webpage for the latest updates.
  • Linn County offices remains closed to the public. Please check the Linn County website for the latest updates.
  • Polk County public works office remains closed to the public until further notice. Please check the Polk County Air Quality Division website for the latest updates.