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The following is a summary of the items discussed during the May 17, 2012 IDNR Client Contact Meeting:

  • IDNR expects EPA will designate Muscatine County as nonattainment for the 1-hour SO2 NAAQS. IDNR has began preliminary modeling Muscatine County SO2 sources.
  • IDNR expects to significantly revise the Modeling Determination form (simplify it to remove many of the requirements).
  • IDNR is proposing changes to construction permitting exemptions and Title V insignificant activities (IA) to protect the new NO2, SO2, Pb and PM2.5 NAAQS. These changes are scheduled to undergo public comment in November and be effective in January 2013. The changes will apply only to sources that are new or modified as of Janaury 1, 2013 (existing units grandfathered).  Proposals include: 
    • Fuel burning equipment exemption will no longer include coal units and will set limits for used oil and untreated biomass (construction & Title V IA)
    • Removal of exemption for incinerators and pyrolysis cleaning furnaces with capacity < 25 lb/hr (construction & Title V IA)
    • Removal of 1 lb/hr exemption (generally no longer used
    • Expand small unit exemption (SUE) and Title V IA threshold
      • Pb at 2 lb/yr for small unit (SU), substation small unit (SSU), and Title V IA; no change to the cumulative notice threshold 
      • PM2.5 at 0.52 tpy for SU and Title V IA; 0.4 tpy for SSU; 10 tpy cumulative notice threshold 
    •  New usage thresholds for welding and soldering exemptions 
    •  Add same SU thresholds for Pb and PM2.5 to the R&D exemption
  • Grain bin vacuum workgroup work will result in revised Best Management Practices for grain bin operations (revisions to be proposed in fall).