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IDNR is proposing a new air construction permit option called a Collection of Air Permits (CAP) that will allow a facility to combine multiple emission points and permits into one document.  The new proposed permit will assign a permit number to each emission point but will consolidate requirements into one document.  Facilities might choose the CAP permit option when choosing one emission limit for several emission pieces of equipment, for emission points that are often modified together, for multiple emission points for one emission unit, for emission points/emission units in a "project" or "process," or for combining emission points/emission units with the same federal requirements.  The draft CAP permit template can be viewed on the Air Quality Bureau's Stakeholder Involvement website.  IDNR will hold a meeting on January 7, 2016 at 10 am at the Air Quality Bureau to discuss the CAP permit option and answer questions.  Questions or comments can be submitted to Gary Smith of the IDNR at by January 7, 2016.