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 As reported in last month's Iowa Regulatory Update Newsletter,

IDNR is implementing changes in construction permitting and dispersion modeling.  At the November 13 AWMA meeting, IDNR publicized some minor revisions to the proposed rules. Previously, IDNR indicated they would start reviewing new minor source construction permit applications for PM2.5, NO2, and SO2 on January 2, 2013. IDNR stated the current implementation schedule for these pollutants is anticipated to be: PM2.5 and 1 hour NO2 on January 22, 2013; 1-hour SO2 on June 3, 2013. Minor source permitting will be discussed further at IDNR's November 29 Air Quality Client Contact Meeting.

IDNR is also expecting to release a new construction permit form MD (Modeling Determination) to address minor source permitting for PM2.5, NO2, and SO2 as well as to streamline when minor source modeling will be required. Other new construction permit forms as well as dispersion modeling background concentrations will be available in early 2013.