See the latest EHS federal and state regulatory updates due to COVID-19

  • IDNR provided an update on the permit application fees system that was implemented in January 2016 (refer to summary).  IDNR believes the new system has helped in the reduction in processing time for standard permit applications.  They have received a grant to help cover the additional work that came in just prior to the fee system implementation.
  • Due to decreasing actual emissions, IDNR plans to discuss increasing major source actual emissions fees.  A stakeholder meeting is scheduled for September 15, 2016 at 2 pm for major sources to provide input.
  • IDNR will be releasing a draft revised Form MD for public comment.  Changes include clarified instructions, section labels, boxes to indicate if IDNR should conduct the modeling, additional modeling staff contact information, and an option to propose an alternate background value for assessing if modeling is needed.
  • IDNR will be releasing draft revised Modeling Guidelines for public comment.  Proposed changes include clarifying that IDNR will develop any needed regional inventories (not the applicant), addressing EPA’s concentration gradient guidance, using of preconstruction monitoring for background data, how to group inventory sources in the models, and clarifying an additional impacts visibility analysis is not needed unless certain pollutants trigger PSD.
  • IDNR has started sending out Available Air Resource forms to facilities that had modeling conducted as part of their project or if the facility was included in another source's modeled inventory.  The forms are informational only.
  • IDNR is implementing a new process for reviewing permit rescission requests.  Construction permitting staff will review the requests, and if a PSD permit will be rescinded, IDNR will advise the application and then post the request for public comment for 60 days as required by federal regulation.
  • IDNR had good participation in the e-AirPermit stakeholder meetings and developed feature rankings and key functionality requirements (refer to summary).  IDNR hopes to start the program develop bid process next month.
  • IDNR expects to release updated SLEIS functionality in September.