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IDNR Air Bureau held their quarterly Air Quality Client Contact meeting on August 20. Topics discussed include:

  • Agency is still working to finalize the permit application fees for 2016. Jim McGraw is still accepting comments on the proposed rule and fees.
  • The FY2016 regulatory agenda includes rulemaking related to the permit application fees, federal regulatory updates (e.g., incorporate of NSPS/NESHAP/PSD/Title V federal updates), and the startup/shutdown rulemaking related to EPA's finding the current Chapter 24 rules were deficient.
  • IDNR is holding a work group on November 19 at 9 a.m. to discuss the approach to revising the Chapter 24 startup/shutdown deficiency finding from EPA. IDNR is looking at Nebraska and Missouri rules since EPA did not cite them as deficient and has been in discussions with both of those agencies. IDNR believes that from a practical perspective that only units with CEMS/COMS would be impacted.
  • IDNR is still reviewing the Clean Power Plan but noted the number of affected units in Iowa decreased to 37 in the final rule. Next stakeholder meeting is September 9 at 10 a.m.
  • Construction permit application forms were updated late July and are available for use. Training sessions will be held September 2. Simplified Title V forms should be available within the next month that can accompany a construction permit application for major sources. Such forms would be used to modify the Title V permit to incorporate the proposed project covered by the construction permit application.
  • IDNR is reviewing the draft EPA Appendix W modeling guidelines and determining whether to comment or not. IDNR would like facilities to use the newly released AERMOD version now. IDNR is targeting revised modeling guidance, meteorological data files, and background concentrations by December 2015.
  • IDNR is working on the upcoming SO2 attainment designations. For three facilities in Wapello, Des Moines, and Woodbury County, IDNR intends to submit attainment recommendations to EPA in September 2015 based on modeling conducted. For the remaining facilities, IDNR is still working with them to establish whether modeling, monitoring, or emission limits will be used for the designation process.
  • Next Air Quality Client Contact meeting is scheduled for November 19.