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Form updates:  There were minor updates made to the inventory forms in December 2009. Please note the following 2 updates:

  • NAISC code and description were added to Form 1.0 in addition to the SIC code. A specific 6-digit NAICS code for your facility can be found at the US Census Bureau's website.
  • Separate columns for HAPs CAS No. and pollutant name were created on page 2 of Form 4.0.

Include Form CA-01:  IDNR has requested that facilities include a Form CA-01 for each individual Form 4.0 to document how the facility arrived at certain calculated values, unless it is a straight-forward calculation based on a widely available emission factor multiplied by a throughput.  This will assist IDNR in review and confirmation of calculations.  The form may be substituted with other documents, such as spreadsheets, as long as all the required information is included. All the calculations, the parameters used in the calculations, and a description of any assumptions used in making the calculations must be clearly documented.

Provide emission factor/other calculation sources:  If the source of an emission factor is not a widely available source (such as WebFIRE, AP-42, etc.), a copy of the document must be submitted with the inventory. If emissions are calculated using program models (such as TANKS, LandGEM, etc.), the program outputs must be submitted with the inventory.  If the source of an emission factor is a stack test, please indicate the test date and the test method used and include a copy of the REPORT SUMMARY. Do not submit the entire stack test report. The most recent and approved stack test should be used.