As we enter December, make sure your facility has completed their annual storm water inspection requirements for 2019! If your facility is covered under KDHE's General NPDES permit, you are required to complete the following on an annual basis:

  • Comprehensive Site Compliance Evaluation
    • Requires a visual inspection of spill response equipment and areas contributing to storm water discharge, evaluation of storm water control measures, and a written report summarizing the scope of the evaluation and any major observations or non-compliance items found during the evaluation.
  • Visual Examination of Storm Water Quality
    • Requires a report including a description of the nature of the discharge (runoff or snowmelt), the quality of the discharge (color, odor, clarity, floating solids, oil sheen, etc.), and probable sources of any observed contamination.

KDHE's General Industrial Storm Water Permit can be downloaded via this link . If you have any questions on your facility's NPDES permit requirements or need help developing inspection forms and completing inspections, contact Trinity's Kansas City Office at (913) 894-4500.