On October 20, 2019, the LDEQ finalized the water quality trading (WQT) program which was proposed on January 20, 2019. There are no significant changes between the proposed action and the final rule.

The Final Rule WQ099S establishes and administers a WQT program in Louisiana. The WQT program is voluntary and only applies to sources that choose to participate. Under the WQT, LDEQ may authorize the generation, registration, use, and trading of credits for the following purposes:

  • Maintain or improve water quality in non-impaired waters, including but not limited to, trading to offset new or increased discharges;
  • Improve water quality and make progress toward attaining water quality standards for impaired waters pending a total maximum daily load (TMDL), a TMDL alternative, or a state water quality management plan in cases where water quality is limited but the waterbody is not subject to a TMDL; and
  • Meet the goals of a TMDL.

If you have any questions regarding the WQT program, please contact the Baton Rouge office at (225) 346-4003.