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On September 20, 2018, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MEDEP) announced that it has updated forms for Title V/Part 70 applications to be processed under Chapter 140.

The new forms have been streamlined to make them easier to complete while still collecting the equipment information required for MEDEP to prepare the permit. The forms are provided in MS Word fill-in format only. The files are not password protected. Facilities and their consultants may adjust them as necessary in case the information they need to provide does not fit in the form as shown. All Title V Renewal applications should now be submitted using the new forms.

In addition, MEDEP has created a new four-page application form to address Part 70 Significant Modifications, Minor Modifications, and Administrative Revisions. Major sources frequently have to incorporate new equipment into their Title V permit. The new form will make it much easier to document these requests.

The new forms can be downloaded here.

If you need help with Title V Renewals or applications in the state of Maine, please contact Kristine Davies, Principal Consultant or Lynne Santos, Managing Consultant at (508) 273-8600 for more information.