MDE Finalizes New Permit to Construct Forms

Effective May 4, 2016, the MDE Air Quality Permits Program finalized updates on two new Permit to Construct application forms:  Form 5T and Form 5EP.  Additionally, the MDE Air Quality Permits Program finalized an Air Quality Permit to Construct Application Checklist to be included with Permit to Construct Forms 5, 10, 11, 41, 42, 43, and 44.

Form 5T, Air Toxics Summary Sheet, replaced Form 5A for Toxic Air Pollution (TAP) compliance and summary data.  Form 5T is used for sources subject to MDE's TAPs program under COMAR 26.11.15.  This form summarizes the demonstrations of T-BACT under COMAR and Ambient Impacts under COMAR  Form 5T is available online.

In addition, Form 5EP, Air Toxics Emission Point Data, replaced Form 5B for air toxics emissions data.  Form 5EP is used to summarize the estimated emissions released from stacks or other emissions points subject to the Toxic Air Pollutants regulations.  A Form 5EP must be filled out for each stack or emission point subject to TAPs rule.  Form 5EP is available online.

Trinity Consultants has a wide variety of experience in permitting and compliance in Maryland.  If you need assistance in reviewing and completing the new forms for a Permit to Construct for your facility, or have other environmental compliance related questions, please contact Trinity's Frederick, MD office at (240) 379-7490.