On July 31, the MassDEP mailed 2016 Source Registration (SR) & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting letters to over 400 facilities within the state. These facilities now have until October 19 to electronically submit via the newly revamped eDEP system. It is anticipated that 2017 submittals will then be accepted after allowing time for processing the 2016 reports. Triennial reporters that would normally be due to report their 2016 data were deferred to the 2017 reporting year due to delays in web forms availability. The new forms are intended to streamline the process, and they allow the option of submitting a SR-only, a GHG-only, or a combined SR/GHG.

Facilities that are required to submit a SR are those that: have the potential to emit or heat input capacities greater than those listed in 310 CMR 7.12, fall within certain specialty criteria listed in 310 CMR 7.12, or have been asked to submit by the MassDEP.

Facilities that are required to submit a GHG report are those that are regulated under the Title V air permit program and/or those that emit more than 5,000 tons per year of Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (CO2e). Changes have been made to the emission sources that are required to be reported on the GHG forms. For example, MassDEP no longer requires that motor vehicle emissions be reported.

Trinity Consultants, Inc. will be offering a free webinar explaining certain Tips and Tricks associated with the SR/GHG submittal processes. If you need help with your 2016 or 2017 submittals, please contact Kristine Davies, Principal Consultant or Lynne Santos, P.E., Managing Consultant at 508-273-8600 for more information.