The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) sent out emails to source registration (SR) and greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting facilities updating them on the status of reporting deadlines. In April, MassDEP estimated that the forms would be ready by October 13, 2017. In the new notice, the MassDEP now anticipates that the SR forms (including GHG) will be available by December 31, 2017. Based on this availability the MassDEP issued the following guidance for reporting:

  • 2016 SR Triennial Reporters: The MassDEP is deferring 2016 reporting for triennial reporters to the 2017 reporting year.
  • 2016 SR Annual Reporters: Annual reporters are still required to submit a 2016 SR. The MassDEP will notify annual filers of the new reporting deadline once the new web forms are available.
  • 2017 SR Reports: As the MassDEP cannot accept 2016 and 2017 SR reports at the same time, annual reporters should file their 2016 reports by the date notified by MassDEP. Deferred 2016 triennial reporters, normally scheduled 2017 triennial reporters and annual reporters will need to wait to file their 2017 SR reports until notified by the MassDEP, which will be after the MassDEP has processed all of the 2016 reports submitted by annual filers.
  • GHG Reporting: Although the SR forms will be available by December 31, 2017, the MassDEP has delayed the deadline for submitting 2016 GHG emission reports through eDEP until further notice. MassDEP will provide more information, including reporting deadlines and instructions for accessing the electronic system (eDEP), in late 2017.

Additional GHG Reporting Notes

As the previous Climate Registry Information System (CRIS) reporting tool was structured differently than the eDEP system, the MassDEP will be making changes to the way in which some GHG emissions are reported for the 2016 GHG reports. These changes are summarized below:

  • GHG emissions may be reported by emission source at the same level of aggregation as reported for SR. Therefore, if emission sources have historically been combined for SR but reported separately through CRIS, they may now be reported as combined for both GHG and SR reporting.
  • Motor vehicle emissions are not required to be included in the 2016 GHG emissions report. Note that the MassDEP may require their reporting in future years.
  • Refrigerant leaks from cooling equipment are not required to be included in the 2016 GHG emissions report. Similar to motor vehicle emissions reporting may be required for these emissions in future years.

Should you have any questions regarding SR or GHG reporting for 2016 and 2017 or need help preparing and submitting reports, please call the Trinity's Massachusetts office at (508) 630‑2136.