In early September, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) released a new version of the AQ02 and AQ03 Comprehensive Plan Approval (CPA) Application in the EEA ePLACE Portal. MassDEP regulates air pollutants based on the type of pollutant, the source type, and the source's potential to emit. Pursuant to 310 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 7.02(5), a CPA is required for a project or new source that has the potential to emit any single air contaminant, in an amount equal to or greater than ten tons per year (tpy), or any fuel utilization emissions unit above certain thresholds.

The following changes have been made to the forms:

There are now five application types instead of three:

  1. AQ02 - CPA Crematory Application
  2. AQ02 - Non-Major CPA (NMCPA) Fuel Application
  3. AQ02 - NMCPA Process Application
  4. AQ03 - Major CPA (MCPA) Fuel Application
  5. AQ03 - MCPA Process Application

There is a new section called “Contact Information” that includes requests for the following stakeholders:

  • Permittee: The person or signatory authority responsible for signing and accepting all conditions of the permit
  • Professional Engineer: The professional engineer (P.E.) signing the application
  • Application Contributors: Any other people that have contributed to the application and who need access to the application in ePLACE. The person that will eventually be the “Submitter” of the application must be on this list, if they are not listed elsewhere in the contact information section.
    Note that all parties listed in the application must have ePLACE accounts.

There is a new process for submitting and certifying the application. The new steps are outlined below.

Certification by the Submitter
It is important to assign the role of Submitter to the correct person involved in the application process, because this is the only person that can modify the application after submittal. If the Submitter is also the Permittee (from the initial Contact Section), then the “Signatory Section” will also need to be completed at this time. If the Submitter is not the Permittee, then this section is disabled. Once the application is submitted, an application number will be assigned and email notifications will be sent to the Permittee (if different from the Submitter) and the P.E. The status of the application in the system will be “Waiting for Acceptance”.

Certification by the P.E.
The P.E. will receive an email notification with a link to access the application and supplemental forms. The P.E. must review and confirm or reject the application.

Certification by the Permittee
The permittee will receive an email similar to the P.E. with login details to ePLACE, to review and submit the application. After submission, the Permittee must navigate to the “My Record/Permit Fee” page and submit the application payment. MassDEP will not review the application until all parties have certified the application, and payment is complete.

For more information on the MassDEP Air Plan Approval Application types, including the CPA, refer to the MassDEP website. For help with applicability, application determination, and compiling the application, please contact the Massachusetts Trinity office at (508) 273-8600.