The purpose of this regulation is to limit emissions of volatile organic compounds from coating operations, part of the state's effort to meet the 2008 Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) is proposing to amend Part 19 to include revised and new VOC content limitations for paper, film and foil coating, metal furniture coating, large appliance coating, miscellaneous metal and plastic parts coating, and flatwood paneling. The proposed miscellaneous metal and plastic parts coating category contains new specific VOC content limitations for automotive/transportation, business machines, and pleasure craft coatings. The VOC content limitations proposed meet and do not exceed current EPA requirements.

The applicability threshold is proposed to be changed from the existing threshold of VOC emissions greater than or equal to 15 pounds per day in any one day from surface coating operations to the equivalent twelve month applicability threshold of VOC emissions greater than or equal to 2.7 tons per rolling 12-month period for new and existing categories, except the paper, film and foil coating category which is proposed to have an applicability threshold of the potential to emit 25 tons VOC per year from an individual coating line.

All interested parties are invited to request additional information or submit written or oral comments concerning the proposed amendment until June 14, 2019. The proposed compliance date for the proposed emissions limitations is July 1, 2020. If you have any questions on the proposed changes, please contact Kristine Davies at (508) 273-8600.