The MassDEP just announced that 2016 Source Registration (SR) & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reports are due from affected facilities. These facilities have until October 19 to electronically submit via the newly revamped eDEP system. It is anticipated that 2017 submittals will then be accepted after allowing time for processing the 2016 reports. Triennial reporters that would normally be due to report their 2016 data were deferred to the 2017 reporting year due to delays in web forms availability.

Folks are contacting us nearly every day with questions on this new process as the October due date is just around the corner. Register for this webinar to learn how the submittal process has changed and what steps you can take to ensure that your facility meets compliance deadlines!

Key topics include:

  • Common mistakes that we've seen
  • Lessons learned that will help you streamline your report submittal
  • Who is required to submit?
  • How has the submittal process changed?
  • What is now being asked of each facility?
  • What sort of data is needed to fill out the new forms?
  • Can one person submit for multiple sites?