Air Dispersion Modeling e-Service Now Available

On September 20th, 2016, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) launched the new air dispersion modeling Electronic Service (e-Service).  This new e-Service allows facilities to submit modeling protocols online, rather than using the AQDM-01 paper form.  This service is part of the transition from the Delta to Tempo permitting system.  The new e-Service will provide many benefits over the AQDM-01 form, such as:

  • Instantaneous submittal to the modeling and permitting supervisors.
  • Streamlining the protocol process and decreasing data entry based on the type of modeling that is being required (e.g., NAAQS, SIL, permit requirement).
  • Maintaining a database of modeling information to limit the amount of data that will need to be entered in subsequent permitting actions.
  • Creating a centralized database of facility information, allowing easier access to nearby source data.

The overall process for submitting a modeling protocol will be similar using the new e-Service; for example:

  • Both paper and electronic modeling protocol submittals require submission of the AQDM-02 spreadsheet, either on paper or as an attachment.
  • Once either modeling protocol is approved, both require the submission of the AQDM-06 results form with the associated permit application.

Some differences between the paper and electronic submittals are as follows:

  • The new e-Service requires certain information to be submitted using specific attachment forms, such as AQDM-11 (SIL Analysis and Results) and AQDM-12 (Paved Roads Fugitive Dust Results), rather than filling out sections on the AQDM-01 form.
  • Changes to a modeling protocol submitted using the e-Service must be submitted to the MPCA using the AQDM-1.5 form, while changes to a modeling protocol submitted using paper forms must be submitted to the MCPA using an updated AQDM-01 form.
  • The e-Service will require all stack parameters to be entered into the system in the facility's initial e-Service submittal in order to create a comprehensive inventory of the facility, which is not a requirement on the AQDM-01 form.

While the MPCA does not require the use of the e-Service for modeling protocol submittals at this time, the MPCA encourages facilities to begin using the e-Service no later than November 21, 2016.  After this date, the MPCA may require certain facilities to enter their data in the e-Service, rather than on the paper forms.

Information on registering for an e-Service login, requesting access to a specific facility, and viewing the information required for an online modeling protocol submittal can be found on the MPCA's Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Forms webpage.  As this is a new e-Service, any constructive comments or questions on the e-Service can be sent to the MPCA.

If you have any questions about the e-Service, or would like assistance in using the e-Service for a modeling protocol submittal for your facility, please contact Shelley Koehn at (651) 275-9900 x8.