Approval of Increase in Missouri Permitting Fees

In April of this year, Missouri requested revisions to its State Implementation Plan (SIP) with regards to construction and operating permitting fees.  The EPA has recently approved these revisions leading to increased permitting fees going into effect December 12, 2016.  This increase was determined as necessary in order to keep the Air Pollution Control Program solvent.  See a summary of fee increases in the table below.

Permit ActionOld FeeNew Fee
De Minimis & Minor Construction Permit Filing Fee$100$250
NSR & PSD Construction Permit Filing Fee$100$5,000
Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) & Initial Plantwide Applicability Limit (PAL) Construction Permit Filing Fee$100$5,000
Renewal PAL Construction Permit Filing Fee$100$2,500
Portable Source Relocation Request Construction Permit Filing Fee$200$300
Construction Permit Processing Fee$50/hr$75/hr
Intermediate State Operating Permit & Part 70 Operating permit Filing Fee$100Variable rate based on number of units, with a $6,000 cap

The approved revisions will specifically add new fee tables to the following sections in Missouri permitting rules:

  • 10 CSR 10-6.060(4) – Portable equipment
  • 10 CSR 10-6.060(10) – Permit Fees and Amendments
  • 10 CSR 10-6.065(5) – Intermediate State Operating Permits
  • 10 CSR 10-6.065(6) – Part 70 Operating Permits

The rule will go into effect on December 12, 2016 unless adverse comments are received.  Comments can be submitted online at until November 10, 2016 with reference to Docket No. EPA-R07-OAR-2016-0571.  For more information on this rulemaking, click here.