• Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Reports are due March 1, 2020 for Large Quantity Generators. NDEE is hosting a webinar on February 4, 11am - 12pm, that will cover the basics of LQG reporting, with emphasis on the RCRAInfo Industry application and its interface. NDEE guidance for reporting can be found on NDEE's website
    Join Trinity for a complimentary webinar on this topic:
    February 6
    1:00pm CST
  • Annual Emissions Inventories (AEI) are due March 31, 2020. A list of facilities that are required to submit an AEI in 2019.

    NDEE is transitioning to a new online air emissions inventory submittal process (note that the City of Omaha and Lancaster County agencies are NOT requiring the use of SLEIS for RY2019 reporting). The new inventory program is called State Local Emissions Inventory System SLEIS and is currently used by many states and local agencies across the country. NDEE guidance documents, including a recording of the November 18 SLEIS training webinar, are available on NDEE's website

    Trinity Tips:
    • If this is your facility's first time using SLEIS, you may notice that information is prepopulated within the SLEIS program. Be sure that the populated information reflects your facility's actual operation for RY2019. 
    • Also note when adding a new “Emissions Unit” within SLEIS, the program will not allow you to proceed without populating the “Design Capacity”; however, the “Design Capacity” is not required for existing Emissions Units prepopulated within SLEIS. 
      • If the design capacity is not known or SLEIS does not allow the correct units to be populated for new Emissions Units, insert a placeholder for the design capacity to proceed with adding the new Emissions Unit. 
      • After saving the Emissions Unit with the placeholder, remove the placeholder and re-save the Emissions Unit (effectively allowing you to leave the “Design Capacity” blank for new Emissions Units).
    • Email or call Paul Oruoch at (913) 894-4500 if you need assistance regarding SLEIS or your facility's setup.  
  • EPA's Greenhouse Gas Mandatory Reporting Rule reports are due March 31, 2020 for subject facilities. Reports must be submitted through EPA's electronic Greenhouse Gas  Reporting Tool (e-GGRT).
  • EPA's Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reports are due July 1, 2020 for facilities manufacturing, processing, or otherwise using subject chemicals over threshold quantities. Reports must be submitted through EPA's electronic TRI-MEweb application.