Clark County Department of Air Quality Revises Permitting Applicability Policy for Emergency Engines

The Clark County Department of Air Quality (DAQ) has changed their methodology for determining permitting applicability for emergency engines.  DAQ previously assumed continuous operation (i.e., 8,760 hours per year) when determining if potential annual emissions from emergency engines were above minor source permit thresholds given in Clark County Air Quality Regulation (CCAQR) Section 12.1.  DAQ will now use 500 hours of annual operation for emergency engines potential emission calculations to determine whether a source must obtain a minor source permit.

DAQ is in the process of evaluating currently permitted sources to determine which emergency engines no longer need a minor source permit due to this change in calculation methodology.  DAQ will notify those facilities that no longer need to maintain their minor source permit and will terminate the permit.  These facilities will receive a Certificate of Non Applicability from DAQ for each affected source.  For any additional questions on this change in policy, please contact Melissa Hillman at