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In November 2019, Governor Sisolak issued Executive Order (EO) 2019-22 calling for the development of a Nevada State Climate Strategy by December 2020. An interagency team created the Nevada Climate Initiative (NCI) to evaluate the alignment of policies with the timelines and benchmarks necessary for Nevada to achieve its greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. Nevada's climate change goals include:

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction targets:
    • 28% below 2005 by 2025
    • 45% below 2005 by 2030
    • Net-zero by 2050
  • Require annual GHG inventory and catalog of policy options.
  • Require the projection of future GHG emissions.

Per the Executive Order, some examples of the policies and regulatory strategies that will be used to achieve these goals are:

  • Comprehensive economy-wide or sector-specific programs to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas pollution across Nevada, including market-based mechanisms that may be appropriate for Nevada's greenhouse gas emissions profile;
  • Support for transportation electrification and demand management, including infrastructure, fleet procurement, alternative funding mechanisms and other programs;
  • Building codes, and other programs to increase residential and commercial building energy efficiency; and
  • Enhancement of climate resiliency and mitigation of the impacts of climate change in urban and rural areas, including adoption of approaches to increase conservation, restoration and management of Nevada's forests, rangelands, and water resources.

Starting in September 2020, the NCI will be hosting virtual webinars to gather input on many different climate change topics. The webinars allow stakeholders to weigh in and help shape the future of climate regulation in Nevada. A full list of the available webinars and registration information can be found here. For more information on how the new Nevada Climate Initiative may affect your business and how Trinity can assist with strategic planning needs, contact Emily Kolb.