The Environmental Health Department (EHD) at the City of Albuquerque (CABQ) has proposed a regulation, 20.11.39 NMAC, which will allow certain facilities, in the city of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County, to apply for permit waivers. This proposed regulation will affect Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (GDFs) and facilities whose only source of air emissions are Emergency Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (ES-RICE) units, as defined in NMAC. The EHD is specifically proposing an Air Quality Notification (AQN) procedure that would be a more streamlined process for affected facilities while ensuring sources are in compliance with air quality standards. Sources that would be exempt from this regulation include sources on Indian Lands, facilities with emission units other than ES-RICE and GDFs, GDFs and ES-RICE that are major sources, and non-emergency stationary RICE engines.

The AQN procedure would involve the submittal of an application, emission inventories, and annual fee; however, public notice requirements will no longer be applicable to such facilities if this regulation is approved. In addition, applications would be ruled complete within 45 days instead of the usual 90 days.

A public hearing will be held on November 8, 2017, where the Air Quality Control Board will address EHD's petition to adopt 20.11.39 NMAC, make related amendments to 20.11.41 NMAC, and submit these regulations to EPA as a proposed revision to the New Mexico under the Federal Clean Air Act.

For more information on how this proposed regulation will affect your facility, please feel free to contact Sandunie Liyanagamage by calling (505) 266-6611.