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Do you have a 112(j) condition in your current permit?  If so, the Boiler MACT requirements become applicable to major HAP sources in NC on May 20, 2019.

Are you prepared for the Boiler MACT? What are the emission limits and operating limits and how does a facility select and set its operating limits?  Do you stack test, fuel sample, install CEMs, monitor opacity, conduct tune ups, conduct energy assessments, etc.? What are the monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements? What is required and what are the deadlines? Some requirements are due before May 20, 2019.

Trinity's Raleigh and Charlotte offices have developed numerous Boiler MACT compliance plans in other states which had a compliance date in 2013. We have the experience to help you with your Boiler MACT compliance plan. If you have any questions, please reach out to us in Raleigh (919) 462-9693 or Charlotte at (704) 553-7747.