In honor of its 45th Anniversary, CAPCA had an Off to the Races theme during the Thursday night Exhibitor Symposium and electronic racing. Each booth was given packets of “carbon credits” and CAPCA attendees that visited each exhibitor during the conference were give 1 carbon credit. CAPCA attendees used the carbon credits to place bets on the electronic race.

On Wednesday afternoon, Tony Jabon, Principal Consultant for the Trinity Charlotte office, gave a presentation on the Top Ten Pitfalls of Air Compliance.

Thursday morning Dale Overcash, Principal Consultant in the Raleigh office and CAPCA Board Secretary, presided over a session CAPCA & AQ - 45 Years of Change. The session had a slide show with a historical perspective of how CAPCA has evolved into the organization it is today since its beginnings in 1969. They also had past CAPCA presidents who provided a historical review of the CAPCA, the Clean Air Act and air quality regulations to reflect how the CAA and regulations have evolved as CAPCA was evolving as an organization.

Beverly Banister, Director of Air, Pesticides, Toxics Mgmt Divison, USEPA Region 4 spoke at CAPCA and stated that one important focus for EPA this year is leak detection & flares specifically improperly monitored and outdated equipment. Next generation of compliance for EPA Region 4 will include more e-reporting tools, advanced monitoring technology – more sensors, more apps, streamlining technology, increased transparency and innovative enforcement.

Sheila Holman, NC DAQ Director and Myra Reece, SC DAQ Director provided program and regulatory updates for each state.

There were many good sessions over the 3-day conference. Here is a link to the conference agenda: