The NC Division of Air Quality (NCDAQ) is sending informational letters to owners and operators of facilities that may be required to comply with the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) new federal regulations promulgated in March 2011 that apply to certain boilers located at "area sources" of hazardous air pollutants. These regulations, commonly referred to as the "Boiler GACT" standards, require facilities subject to these requirements to submit an initial notification of rule applicability by September 17, 2011. To facilitate affected facilities efforts to comply with this notification requirement and inform them of future requirements, the NCDAQ has provided links to forms and other information on their website at

EPA's Boiler GACT rules apply to certain boilers that burn coal, oil and other biomass fuels and rule applicability and requirements may vary depending upon the date of construction of the boiler, fuels combusted and heat input capacity. Facilities with boilers meeting certain criteria should be aware that the first biennial tune up must be completed by March 21, 2012. Existing boilers are required to comply with emissions standards and a one-time energy assessment by March 21, 2014. New boilers are required to comply with the regulations upon start-up. In addition to certain other recordkeeping requirements, facilities with affected boilers subject to emissions standards generally must prepare annual Compliance Certification Reports by March 1 of each year; other affected boilers must prepare reports by March 1 of every second year.

Need assistance evaluating applicability of this rule to boilers at your facility or preparing your initial notification? Contact your local Trinity consultant at (800) 229-6655.