The Division of Surface Water (DWS) of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) announced that they are planning to roll out the initial phase of an electronic permit application submittal and reporting system called "STREAMS" via the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center in October 2015. The STREAMS (Surface Water Tracking, Reporting, and Electronic Application Management System) will ultimately replace the current paper-based system for submittal of permit applications and monitoring reports. The STREAMS initial rollout will cover:

  • General NPDES Applications (including all 19 different permit types)
    • Notice of Intent - General (EPA 4494)
    • Notice of Termination - General (EPA 4493)
    • General Permit Transfer
  • Storm Water Applications
    • Construction Co-Permittee NOI Application Form (EPA 4496)
    • Construction Individual Lot NOI Application Form (EPA 4495)
    • Industrial NOI Application Form (EPA 4120)
    • Small MS4 Co-Permittee NOI Application Form
    • Construction Individual Lot NOT Application Form, and
    • Industrial No Exposure Certification Form and Instructions (EPA 4239).

The second phase, which is currently planned for November and December of 2015, will make more application forms (e.g., individual NPDES Applications, Pre-treatment Applications, etc.) available online and will include the electronic reporting system, which has the capability of retrieving submitted data from the DMR to generate quarterly or annual reports. OEPA also announced that state-wide training will be conducted at each Ohio EPA District Office beginning November 2015.

Trinity will continue to track the roll out of the STREAMS system and will report any further developments in future updates. In the meantime, please contact Bill Bruscino at (614) 433-0733 with any questions.