On December 8, 2017, Ohio EPA issued revised universal waste rules under OAC 3745-273. The regulation outlines management requirements for universal waste categories. Waste that qualifies as "universal waste" is exempt from many hazardous waste requirements. The regulations were revised to include provisions for:

  • Aerosol containers
  • Paint, paint-related wastes, and
  • Antifreeze.

The revised regulations provides management requirements for each of the new categories designed to prevent any of these materials from being released into the environment. Requirements include specifics associated with storage, aerosol can punture, reclaiming material, disposal of associated wastes (i.e., liquid paint, filters, etc.).

The list of materials classified as universal waste also includes certain lamps, pesticides, mercury-containing equipment, and discarded batteries. All universal waste must be properly managed by trained employees in a way that prevents its release to the environment. A full description of Ohio's universal waste management requirements can be found in OAC 3745-273-13 and 3745-273-14.

If you have any questions about these updates, please reach out to Ellen Hewitt at (614) 433-0733.