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On August 1, 2019, EPA Region 6 approved several revisions to the Oklahoma State Implementation Plan (SIP). The proposed SIP was submitted on February 14, 2017, and included changes to the following subchapters and appendices of OAC 252:100.

  • Subchapter 13 Open Burning - clarifying and adding flexibility regarding the use of air curtain incinerators
  • Subchapter 17 Incinerators - aligning the state requirements and compliance timelines with the federal rule for Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration [CISWI] units
  • Subchapter 25 Visible Emissions and Particulates - moving an opacity monitoring requirement that had previously been in Subchapter 31
  • Subchapter 31 Control of Emission of Sulfur Compounds - see previous Subchapter 25 detail
  • Appendices E and F Ambient Air Quality Standards - aligning with recently adjusted National Ambient Air Quality Standards

The SIP approval becomes effective on September 3, 2019. Details of the approved changes and of the comments and responses related to the draft approval are available here.