Lee Warden, Air Quality Division Engineering and Permitting Manager, discussed the advantages of the online air permit application system. She pointed out that permit applications are being processed significantly faster in the online system, than if submitted by hard copy. The specific examples provided were that General Permits were processed three times faster, and Permits By Rule were processed 1.5 times faster.  In addition, revisions to the system will result in notices to Responsible Officials decreasing in the future.

Carrie Schroeder, Air Quality Division Environmental Programs Manager, notes that ODEQ is currently uploading final data, performing tests, and other implementation tasks for the State and Local Emission Inventory System (SLEIS).  SLEIS will replace Redbud for emissions inventory reporting next year; and currently Redbud is officially offline. External focus group testing is planned for August; user accounts will be set up prior to the start of the next reporting season; and workshops will occur in late January/early February.