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Proposed changes to the Emission Summary Dispersion Modeling Guidance documents were released by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and were posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Registry in December 2015 for a sixty-day comment period.  Air practitioner consultants, industry associations, ENGOs and the public health sector all provided comments which are currently under review with the Ministry.

The highlighted proposed updates included:  changes from earlier regulatory amendments from 2009 and 2011; guidance on emission estimates and modelling for annual standards; guidance on ESDM requirements for facilities with contaminants registered to Technical Standards; reference to Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASRs); improved clarity on reporting submission requirements; and the addition of a new Appendix (Appendix E) which will include guidance on annual averaged emissions of particulate from paved and unpaved roads.

The MOECC is implementing new and revised technical bulletins which were developed, including:  technical bulletins on the "CAMM" emissions refinement tool; approaches to managing industrial fugitive dust; methodology for using "assessment values" for contaminants with annual air standards under O. Reg. 419/05, modelling contaminants with 10-minute averaging periods; and minor revisions of the technical methods for opacity under O. Reg. 419.  New technical bulletins under development included technical bulletins on modelling flares, updated meteorological data used for modelling under O.Reg. 419/05, and AERMOD model version updates under O.Reg.419/05.

Additional changes includes updates to the Air Dispersion Modelling Guideline for Ontario (ADMGO) EBR# 012-4164, the Guideline for the Implementation of Air Standards in Ontario (GIASO) EBR# 012-4168, the Guide to Requesting and Alternative Standard (GRAS) which will be renamed the Guide to Requesting Site-Specific Standards (GRSSS) EBR# 012-4168, and the Guide to Applying for Registration to the Technical Standards Registry – Air Pollution, PIBs#7804e.

These upcoming changes to regulation guidance documents and technical bulletins will have a wide impact on industries of all types.  To find out how these changes will impact you, your facility, or your business, please do not hesitate to contact Trinity Consultants' Ontario office for more information.

Trinity Consultants has the knowledge, experience and resources to assess the upcoming changes and its impacts for your facility.  For more information, please contact Suzy Sabanathan at (416) 391-2527 x22.